Saturday, February 26, 2011

Canadian Kudos: 4 Webseries North of the Border

We’re happy to announce that Dumper Entertainment’s Gym Shortz won Best Animated Webseries of 2010 by the podcast Indie Intertube. Who’s Indie Intertube? Funny you should ask. They’re Destini and Shad, the  Canadian WebTV fanatics. Congrats also to Gym Shortz’es Cooper Harris who won Smexiest Actress (For Squatters) and Max Glick who won Most Loveable Geek (For Gold: NOTZK). Tune in to Indie Intertube every Wednesday at 4 p.m. (Pacific Time) to hear their latest webseries news and reviews. In honor of the Canadian co-hosts, this month’s webseries category focuses on WebTV from The Great White North.

Our first selection is Canada’s answer to The X-Men, Heroes of the North. The story begins during World War II, where concentration camp experimentation to create the super human results in the evil Zombots. We pick up in the present where an elite team of heroes is being assembled to defend Canada against evil:  The Canadian (Larry Vinette), Fleur-De-Lys (Edith LaBelle), 8-Ball (Anderson Bradshaw), Nordik (Vanessa Blouin) and Black Terror (John Fallon). Heroes of the North is written by Sergio Rico and Christian Viel and is also an Indie Intertube winner for Best Credit Sequence (You need to see it).

Our next pick is another web thrill ride, but with fewer heroes and more hackers. Nomad (Video D.J. C.B. Shaw) is a world-class computer hacker who is investigating the mysterious death of his father. But his efforts result in the disappearance of fellow hacker Lifer38 (Terry Levergood) and the discovery of the mother of all conspiracies. Nomad and secret agent and femme fatale Dee Thompson (Denyc) soon find themselves outrunning Agent 01 (M.E. Lewis) and the Interplanetary Security Department. Hard Drive 13 was created by Stephen H. Plitt and is produced by Plitt, Lewis and Michael Chmarca.

Next, we head to Winnipeg, Manitoba, where the ladies of Venus Spa give the Gym Shortz crew a run for their money. It’s 1983. Phones have cords, Charles has Diana, legs have warmers, and aerobics instructors have attitude. Molly (Braeley Hobbs) is the blonde one, Ally (Danielle Brincheski) is the smart one and Nancy (Leilanie Giordmaina) is the one you don’t want to mess with. But Nancy meets her match when newcomer Andrea (Amy Simoes) challenges her to an intructors’ duel. Venus Spa is written and directed by Chris Greenaway and features the ‘80s music of Winnipeg’s The Pumps and Orphan.

Our final selection is the brand new golf webseries, In The Rough. Will Ryan (Jake Michaels) is a great golfer who never went pro. He’s dismayed one morning to learn that his club membership has been suspended because he hasn’t paid his dues. Things get worse when Will heads home early to find his girlfriend Quinn (Adele Gigantes) in bed with his best friend Danny (Bryan Stanley). But with the help of his old coach O’Rielly (Len Greenaway), Will just might get his game back. In The Rough was created and co-produced by J. Michael Dawson and Chantal LeBlanc-Everett and written by Reece Crothers.