Friday, March 18, 2011

Festival Fun: 4 Webseries From the LA Web Fest

Dumper Entertainment is pleased to announce that Big Bother is an Official Selection of the L.A. Webseries Festival. It will be screened on Saturday, March 26th at 5:25 p.m. at Stage 52 Theater. Lots of other great webseries will be screened over the weekend too. Many of which we’ve covered in the past, like GOLD, SOLO, In The Rough, Hard Drive 13, Suck and Moan, Miss Behave and Out With Dad. But there are many shows we haven’t yet covered, so this month’s webseries category focuses on a few of the LA Web Fest’s Official Selections.

St. Dympna is a hospital for the criminally insane. Only the most difficult patients end up here. The methods of head Dr. Suli Urban (Sophie King) and her disturbingly close-knit staff seem unorthodox, but you can’t argue with the results they achieve. But when an outbreak of violence draws the attention of Department of Mental Health Agent Patrick Aubert (Dingani Beza from SOLO), Dr. Urban has some explaining to do – starting with the whereabouts of her predecessor.  Asylum is written by Dan Williams and directed by Scott Brown (Both from Blue Movies) and produced by Matthew Arrevalo (From GOLD: NOTZK).

Men, did you ever wonder what women discuss when no-one else is around? “Who…” has the answer. In each episode, a pair of African American gossip queens (Played by Shoneji Loraine and Nafeesa Monroe) discuss everything from “Who… Needs Jesus” to “Who… Better Not Look At My Man” to “Who… Needs To Shut The Hell Up” to “Who… I’d Do” to “Who… Be Workin’ My Nerves” to “Who… Can Kiss My @$$.” Besides the episodes themselves, features a wide selection of music you can listen to as well. Who… was created by L.A. Web Fest founder Michael Ajakwe Jr.

Our next selection is about Sooze (Allie Smith) the beautiful girl the boys adore. But this is not her story. This is really the story of her best friend Millie (Marilyn Anne Michaels). We first meet the duo when Millie’s date is smitten with Sooze. Next, Sooze’s stalker does nothing to make Millie feel better about herself (Though it does allow Millie to break into a great “Stalker” musical number). The Best Friend is created and produced by Smith and Michaels; written by Smith, Michaels, Dominic Conti and Krystel Schley, and directed by Tarique Qayumi and Wednesday Standley.

Last but not least is Cell, the story of … a cell. It’s actually two cells, but that’s not important. What’s important is how the cell inhabitants got there. Or maybe it’s “where do they go from here?” We’ll see. Brian (Danny Cameron) wakes up in said cell looking for answers. Instead, he gets a cattle-prodding from his jailer (Kevin McCarthy). Brian’s only other company is the woman in the cell next door (Jourdan Gibson). Together, they attempt to find out why they’re here, and more importantly, who they are. Cell is written, directed and produced by Mark Gardner.