Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drama Queens: 4 Webseries With Chicks in Charge

Dumper Entertainment is proud to announce our latest animated webseries – Sketch 22. This month saw the release of the debut episode, Sarah Failin’s Disasta’.  Devin Mills (From Dating in the Middle Ages) plays Sarah Failin’ while yours truly (Justin Marchert J ) and Katie Wilson play Todd and Bristol Failin’ (respectively). Check it out at For this month’s webseries category, we decided to look at drama – not dramatic thrillers like After Judgment and The Fall of Kaden, but rather real-life drama. It turns out all of our picks feature strong, female lead characters. Who knew?

Ocean Jackson (Monica Calhoun from The Best Man) is a single mom hoping for a fresh start in life. She has a new boss, played by Richard Roundtree (From Shaft) and a new apartment. Here, she meets neighbor single mom Lupe (Valery Ortiz) and single grandmother Peggy (Janice Lynde). The three initially clash, but soon become each other’s baby-sitters, career support group, and even closest friends. Diary of a Single Mom is produced and directed by Robert Townsend and written by Cheryl L. West. The show recently won the Webseries of the Year award from podcast Indie Intertube (More on them next blog).

Our next selection finds another young woman in strange new surroundings. Vivian (Rachel Hip-Flores) is forced to leave New York City when her dad Gabe (Dan Via) suffers from 9/11-related asthma. A difficult enough move for any teenager, the transition is further complicated by Vivian’s courtship with Aster (Nicole Pacent), which suddenly becomes a long-distance relationship. New friends like Archibald (Joshua Holland) and Sophie (Jessy Hodges) have their ups and downs, but slowly help Vivian adjust. Anyone But Me is written and executive produced by Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward and received the 2010 Streamy Award for Best Female in a Leading Role.

We go from east coast to west with our next pick, Miss Behave. Tori Archer (Jillian Clare from Days of Our Lives) is an affluent Malibu teen. School is for hanging with BFFs Dylan (Brett DelBuono from The Cleaner) and Danielle (Jenna Stone). Home life is shared with her brother Billy (Trevor Nelson), as their parents are rarely around. But Tori may lose her good girl reputation when Riley (Marco James) becomes the new bad-boy-friend. Miss Behave, known also for its extensive soundtrack, is written by Frances Gilbert and executive produced by Clare, Susan Bernhardt and Anne Woodward.

Rose (Kate Conway) is another teenage lesbian. Or so she thinks -- or doesn’t she? We’ll see. The one thing she’s learned thus far is that her best friend Vanessa (Lindsey Middleton) is not (Or is she?). Things are further complicated by the men in her life. Guy pal Kenny (Cory Lof) is presumed to be her boyfriend, much to both of their chagrin. Her dad Nathan (Will Conlon) suspects her alternative sexuality, but is having as much trouble broaching the subject as she is. Out With Dad is shot on location in Canada and is written and directed by Jason Leaver.