Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The New Dumper Blog: & 4 Webseries With Bite

Welcome to the first edition of The Dumper Blog. Yes, if you're a follower, this will be very much like the old Big Bother BBlog -- a new category of webseries featured every month. The difference is that we've expanded from Big Bother news to encompass all of Dumper Entertainment's projects. We're extremely excited to announce that our newest webseries, Gym Shortz, launched this month on 10/10/10.  This animated comedy educates viewers on what to do (& not to do) at the gym. It features the voices of Taryn Southern, Maxwell Glick, and Jim and Justin Marchert. Check it out at www.GymShortz.com.

Halloween is nearly upon us, so what better webseries category could we feature than vampire shows? Today marks the release of Vampire Zombie Werewolf, the latest webseries from Rob Padgett and the cast of Life From the Inside. In the first episode, webseries producer Padgett is seeking funding for his latest project (Aren't we all?). Hollywood power couple Tad and Bunny (Steven Lekowicz and Tanya Ihnen, also from LFTI) are happy to help him out. But there's something creepy about the pair. Are they vampires? Are they zombies? Are they werewolves? Padgett writes, directs and even composes Vampire Zombie Werewolf.

It seems like everyone is getting cast as vampires these days. Everyone, that is, except the vampires. Undead Alowisus Hewson (Jason Antoon, recently in No Ordinary Family) is fed up with being a vampire who can’t get cast as a vampire. His agent, Billy Goldborg (Samm Levine from Freaks and Geeks) isn’t much help. Through documentarian Elliot Finke (Kevin Pollak from Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show) we soon learn that there’s a side of vampirism not meant for the “Twilight” crowd. Pollak also directs and produces along with Antoon, Amber J. Lawson from Babelgum and Mike Rotman from Stupid For Movies.

If you thought life as a Hollywood vampire was rough, our next selection adds another twist to the tale -- zombies. This month marked the release of the vampire/zombie hybrid, Suck and Moan. Just when vamps Banyan (Courtney Geigle) and Henry (Eric Hailey from Dwelling) thought modern life was tough enough, anchorwoman Valeena McQuarry (Deven Green from Betty Bowers) announces an outbreak of zombies. Craig Oullette DPs while WebTV horror make-up specialist Caryn Coblio brings the zombies to life (or death). Joel Bryant (From After Judgment) performs in and produces the webseries, along with writer / director Brendan Fong.

Our final selection plays on many different vampiric myths: Dracula, Twilight, True Blood, Castlevania, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. These pieces of undead lore add up to one conclusion -- Vampirism Bites. Writer/director James Fernandez begins the story with Belle (Natalie Baxter), a newly made vampire, and her BFF Kristy (Lindsey Black), a newly made vampire slayer. Other vampires and slayers include Jesse Dunsmore, Jacquie Floyd, Jason Cale, Ryan Falchek, Miranda Tully, Dan Hiebert and Adiva Wayne. If you’re still looking for more vampire tales, check out our Valemont blog post as well as last October’s Horror Blog. Happy Halloween!

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